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Heavy plated silver coffee pot from shiping company Norddeutscher Lloyd from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. This beautifully decorated coffee pot is in good condition, only some age spots on the silvering.

The coffee pot has the Norddeutscher Lloyd logo on one side: the rusted key and anchor with a laurel wreath behind it. You can read around in engraved letters "Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen". The engraving has become a bit worn, especially with the word Bremen, through the test of time.

The pot has different colors at the bottom. A beautiful piece of maritime history from steam shipping.



  • 15 centimeters high
  • 20 centimeters from spout to ear diameter below 8 centimeters
  • Weight 494 grams

Coffee pot Norddeutscher Lloyd

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