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Franz Hermle and sons boulle style mantel clock. Fantastic and classic French styling.


Features include:

-All metal ornate gold colored three dimensional highlights. (finial, feet, bottom trim, side trim, etc)

-Ornate gold colored face with white Porcelain roman Numerals.

-Wood type cabinet.

-Roping sealed front metal door.


WORKS GREAT. KEEPS GREAT TIME and has a fantastic DOUBLE CHIME. Beautiful sounding ding sound. Chimes on the hour and half hour.


Clock works are marked 151- 080 and build in 1978. Franz Hermle and sons started making clocks in Germany in 1922. They are still making clocks today but not this ornate...this is a retired design.


Original pendulum and winding key. Dimensions 41.5 cm X 20 cm X 12.5 cm. Excellent condition - hardly used with minimal signs of use.

Franz Hermle and sons style mantel clock.

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