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It's very simple, I buy what I like.

I have been dealing independently since

2006. First of all, I was busy buying up

furniture and refurbishing it. Later I started

to dig into antiques.


After following many courses, also at the

VHOK, the Association of Traders in Ancient

Art in the Netherlands, and having visited

many traders and craftsmen, I decided to

start for myself.

I focus on originality, good design and

wherever possible completely untouched

pieces. I am happy to deal with trade and

private clients alike and I hope you enjoy

looking at our website and the flow of stock I work very hard to find.


The website offers an up to date glimpses of the products we have. Buy or reserve online, and we will hold your order for later collection, or deliver it to you.

Our articles are all selected and presented in top condition, for a wide range of prices to accommodate our very diverse customer base.

If you would like further information on our products or services, please contact us at

Leo Oost





If you would like further information on our products or services, please contact us preferably by email.

Sell Me An Item

I do receive a huge amount of emails every day and will always give each one my full attention but if you are selling something I am not interested in, I may not have time to get back to you but I really appreciate the time you have taken to send it to me. If you've sent me something I do want to buy, I will be in touch as soon as possible. Once again, please don't be upset if I don't get back to you.

We welcome and are always in the market for new stock.


Eyecatching Antiques 

Gorssel Netherlands

+31 655 374240


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